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v1.1, Pre-release Item Value Reputation Description
Valuable Tech
Research Experiment $500 150 An ongoing science project. The black market will pay well for its secrets. Bring it with you when you exit the level.
Pass Card
Pass Card - - Found on guards. Open locked doors.
Site Plans
Site Plans - - Bring this back to Central to reveal new targets for infiltration.
Valuable Tech
Valuable Tech $300 150 Can be salvaged from a disabled "Scanning Amplifier". Bring this back to Central to improve your agency's reputation and get a credit payout. Reputation contributes to your final score.
Vault Access Code
Vault Access Code - - Obtained from brainscanning "Chief Executives". Gain access to a corporate Vault or an R&D Cybernetics Lab.
Vault Access Code
Exit Card - - Found in a safe after day 5 Endless mode. Need to use this or a Vault Card to reach the exit elevator.