The format of this wiki is pretty weird, why have only one page for the aguments, one for agents, and so on? It would be more wiki-like if you created separate pages for each, and would make wiki pages more likely to be seen on web search pages. So, does anyone here want to move forward with this? If so, I want to contact the creator if he's active


I think there is so little text for every agent, augment or weapon, that it is unecomonic to do separate pages for every agent. I am not sure if this would make wiki pages more likely to be seen in Google, because separate pages will have less PageRank than one aggregate page. I think this wikia needs activity first of all, because there is lot of outdated info (for example, there is little information from Contingency Plan DLC) Miteusz (talk) 17:00, April 10, 2017 (UTC)

Hmm, I've found that it seems to work well on search, of course, we would keep the current page and make it a list, anyways yeah I guess priority one would be for the wiki to be up to date. ~PecolaFromScatch (talk)-

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