Program Effect
Daemon Sniffer small
Daemon Sniffer Reveals hidden Daemons when used.
Dagger 1 small
Dagger v1.0 Breaks 3 firewalls for 1 PWR. 5 turn cooldown.
Dagger 2 small
Dagger v2.0 Breaks 5 firewalls for 3 PWR. 4 turn cooldown.
Datablast small
Datablast Break 1 firewall on all devices within 4 tiles.
Emergency Drip small
Emergency Drip PASSIVE, Recover PWR to 3 at the start of the turn if PWR is lower then 3.
Fusion small
Fusion Gain 3 PWR each turn while on cooldown. 4 turn cooldown.
Hammer small
Hammer Breaks 5 firewalls for 5 PWR.
Hunter small
Hunter Kills Daemons for 5 PWR. 4 turn cooldown.
Leash small
Leash PASSIVE. Control drones for an extra turn.
Lockpick 1 small
Lockpick v1.0 Breaks 1 firewall for 2 PWR.
Lockpick 2 small
Lockpick v2.0 Breaks 2 firewalls for 3 PWR.
Oracle small
Oracle Take over a random camera on the level.
Parasite 1 small
Parasite v1.0 Infect target to break 1 firewall per turn. PWR cost increases per hosted parasite.
Parasite 2 small
Parasite v2.0 Infect target to break 2 firewalls at the start of your turn. PWR cost increases per hosted parasite.
Ping small
Ping Create a distraction noise.
Power Drip small
Power Drip PASSIVE, Generate 1 PWR point per turn.
Rapier small
Rapier Breaks 1 firewall. PWR cost increases by 1 each Alarm Level.
Shade small
Shade Reduces sight range of guards.
Wings small
Wings Increases AP of all agents by 1.
Wisp small
Wisp TAGs all visible guards so they can be tracked for the duration of the mission.
Wrench small
Wrench v2.0 Only breaks firewalls exactly equal to 2 strength.
Wrench small
Wrench v3.0 Only breaks firewalls exactly equal to 3 strength.
Wrench small
Wrench v4.0 Only breaks firewalls exactly equal to 4 strength.
Wrench small
Wrench v5.0 Only breaks firewalls exactly equal to 5 strength.

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